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A Beginner's guide to Organic Lifestyle

 10 Apr 2018

Do you like the thought of switching to organic products, but think it's way too expensive? You're not alone. 

Here are some tricks to go Organic without burning a hole in your pocket.

Look for deals

Deals are everywhere, you just have to look. Looking at a certain product? Sign up for that brand's newsletter and wait for a sale or promo code. Shop on sites that carry multiple brands. Do good research and look for more deals and promo codes. I am sure you'll be glad you did.

Find A Middle Ground 

There are different levels of organic and handmade. There are your conventional, cheap, toxic products. Then there are products that are so-so and have good ingredients as well as some bad ingredients. Then there are your SUPER pure products but are on the expensive end. Find a middle ground. Look for products that will satiate your need for being healthy but are inexpensive too. Like products from XXVII are super pure but are inexpensive. Check out our range here.

Don't Make The Switch Overnight 

This is so important. Once you start learning about chemicals and toxic ingredients, it's hard not to want to swap everything ASAP. But don't feel like you need to do this all at once. Start small. If you're having trouble prioritizing what to replace, start with the products that you use most frequently, such as soaps or body lotions. Or, ditch the products that are the most toxic first. Shop for Organic bath and body products here.

It's good to care

Organic Fashion is rewarding! If you know that the people producing your gorgeous garments are working in safe conditions and are paid a fair wage. But the human context is so important in an organic fashion. Between 1 and 3% of agricultural workers worldwide suffer from acute pesticide poisoning with at least 1 million requiring hospitalization each year. These figures equate to between 25 million and 77 million agricultural workers worldwide. By increasing our demand for organically grown fibers, we can help more farmers work in a chemical-free environment. 


Final notes

Find ways that will help reduce your grocery bill. Most often, organic foods cost more because the cost of getting organically certified gets passed on to the consumer. Learn how to eat organically on modest means.

Although living an organic lifestyle does often mean spending a bit more money than you would otherwise, try to look at it as an investment. Down the line, it might save you thousands of dollars in medical bills. If you want to look for ways to cut costs, try making your own food rather than purchasing already prepared organic products. For example, you can easily make your own homemade mayonnaise using a few organic ingredients.

Research products before you purchase them. Before deciding on a particular brand, whether it be beauty supplies, makeup, or clothing, read into the company’s values. Purchase cruelty-free, organic products as much as possible.

Just because you can’t make every area of your lifestyle organic doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it where you can. For example, maybe your job requires you to drive everywhere. It’s a shame, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still eat organically and incorporate organic products into your home.



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