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Softening Shea & Rose Body Butter

Rich in pure botanicals, our body butter nourishes, moisturizes protects and softens your skin.
With nourishing Coconut and Jojoba oils and natural Rose Fragrance, it leaves skin deeply hydrated, beautifully scented and visibly glowing.
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Best used after a shower or every time your skin is washed and loses moisture.

Best to be placed on your office desk too if you are working in environments under constant air-conditioning as they are known to draw away moisture from the skin.

Apply a small amount of the body butter on your skin and rub it on a larger area for a while, ensuring it completely sets in and gets absorbed.

Works wonders on cracked heels, broken skin, stretch marks, and other skin problems.

Safe for babies and kids too, since each ingredient is safe, organic, natural and suitable to every skin type.

Our body butter is made from pure origin organic shea butter as a primary base and other nuts (cocoa)or fruit (mango or kokum) butter as secondary nourishing ingredients.

All the ingredients are safe to the extent of being of edible quality.

The products have been tested on all Indian skin types by volunteers who participated in the cause of promoting Organic products.

Free from emulsifiers or preservatives, our body butter is so natural that in colder climates they harden and in warmer climates, they may melt a bit, but none of these climatic changes affect the efficiency of them.

you can also ask for your variety of Body butter if you don't find one on the list and we promise to curate one. Simply hit the chat button and reach out to Dr. Rinkle on Whatsapp. 
Shea Butter, Rosehip oil, Rose infused coconut oil, jojoba oil, Almond Oil and Vitamin E oil.